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Will The Fitness Pool help me maintain a healthy weight?

The low-impact aerobic exercise possible in The Fitness Pool benefits your whole body, exercising your heart and lungs, toning muscles, building strength, and yes, burning calories. All while putting little stress on your body. Experts say that swimming can burn 500 calories per hour. Imagine the workout you can get in just a short amount of time. Of course, be sure to consult your doctor before undertaking any fitness or weight loss program.

Can The Fitness Pool be installed above ground?

Yes. The Fitness Pool can be installed on-ground, part way in the ground, or completely in the ground.

Can I install The Fitness Pool myself?

Certainly. The installation requires some physical effort, but it is not complicated. Please view our construction video to get an idea what is involved. Remember to always follow all building codes applicable to your area.

What if I want to have The Fitness Pool completely installed for me?

Depending on your location, The Fitness Pool can be sold and installed by an authorized dealer, or we can work with a contractor of your choice. 

Does The Fitness Pool package come with a filter system and heater?

Due to regional and consumer preferences, a filter system and heater are not included. However, this equipment can be added to the package on request. 

What size is The Fitness Pool?

The Fitness Pool is available in two sizes. The 9' x 16' model is the smallest size practical for swimming and aquatic activity. The 9' x 20' "Stretch" model adds built-in steps for convenient entry/exit and lounging.


What is the water depth?

The Fitness Pool uses a 52" high wall (10" taller than the typical in-ground pool.) The water depth for the finished Fitness Pool will be about 45". This additional water depth is necessary for proper swimming and aquatic exercise. 

Can The Fitness Pool be used for hydrotherapy?

Yes. An optional pulsating massage hose can be quickly and easily added to the Badu Jet at any time, without punching any extra holes in the pool's structure.

What if I want to change the liner sometime in the future?

Due to the design and the size of The Fitness Pool, the liner can be changed easily (and inexpensively) in just about an hour. No specialized tools are required; only a screwdriver, a razor knife and a shop vac. 

How long will the liner last?

It is difficult to predict how long any pool surface, vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass, will actually last and still look like new. But at some point they will all need attention. Some pool owners just want to occasionally modernize and update the look of their pools. The Fitness Pool is the easiest and most cost effective type of pool to refresh whenever desired. 

What is the warranty?

The structure of The Fitness Pool has a lifetime limited warranty, the liner has a 25 year limited warranty, and the Badu Jet System has a one year limited Warranty. Please contact The Fitness Pool Company for specific details.

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