Why a home fitness pool

A Non-Traditional Pool

The Fitness Pool Company was founded in 2000 with the realization that it was time to advance from outdated 20th century ideas for backyard swimming pools. Our previous quarter-century  of swimming pool industry experience demonstrated that the "traditional" market was well served. But we understood that the concept of a small, efficient exercise, or "Fitness Pool" was not being embraced by typical swimming pool contractors and suppliers. 

Our Exercise Pool

We offer innovative ideas and modern concepts for a swimming pool that makes sense in today's environment.

Research & Development

We spent the past 15 years in research and product development, looking for the perfect combination of form, function, performance, durability and affordability. After testing a multitude of designs, we have successfully combined the highest quality products from premier American and German manufacturers. The outcome of our research is The Fitness Pool™, a pool that makes sense for the 21st century..


Superior Parts for a Superior Product

The structure of the Fitness Pool™is constructed of powder-coated steel, backed by a serious lifetime warranty. Installed on-ground, in-ground, or somewhere in between, the pool walls are fully covered, even against corrosion, a significant issue for lesser products. Power for the Fitness Pool™ is supplied by the wall-mounted Badu® Jet from Speck Pumps. The Badu® Jet is internationally acclaimed for its superior performance.